Google Analytics™ Integration

FormBerry lets you track customer’s behavior on form level, this will give you an added intelligence to use on your marketing.

PLEASE NOTE: These settings are only required for Form Berry custom integration with Google Analytics™ web analytics service (GAQ). If you have already configured GAQ in your website for regular usage, and don’t need to track form view or submissions, feel free to leave these fields blank.

If you want to use GAQ to track Form Berry-specific usage (i.e. form views and submissions), enter configuration information into the fields below. Form Berry provides automatic integration with Google Analytics™ Events. This means that form views & submissions are automatically recorded as events under the ‘Form Berry’ category.

To access information on Form Berry usage, go to your GAQ account. You will see the information in the Content -> Events section, after enough data has been collected by GAQ.

To learn more of Google Analytics™ web analytics service, click here. For a quick explanation of how Google Analytics™ Events work, check this link. For a more thorough technical overview on Events, you can check the official Google reference.