How To Integrate The Forms?

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With FormBerry, you can easily integrate your forms on your WordPress powered blog sites on any pages, posts, widgets, lightboxes and any part of your blog even you know nothing about programming. We designed FormBerry for all skill levels, if you can read and click the mouse then you’re ok. 🙂

Form Integration On Pages and Posts

FormBerry comes with 2 special widgets placed on your visual editor, with those widgets  you can browse the forms you’ve created and generate the short code with just 1 click. See the image below.

Form Integration On LightBoxes

If you want to open your form on lightbox or on pop-up then you can use the other widget shown above to generate the short code for you automatically.

Form Integration On Widgets

FormBerry also comes with special widget where you can drag and drop to any widget container then just select the form on the drop down list. See the image below.

Form Integration On The Theme

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If you are an advanced user and you want to integrate FormBerry forms on the theme then you can easily do that by inserting this single line of code to any part of your theme that you want the form to show up.

Here’s the 4 functions that can be used in themes.

  1. formberry_print_form
  2. formberry_get_form
  3. formberry_print_form_button
  4. formberry_get_form_button

For example: If I have a header section and want to insert an opt-in form in an area where there are no widgets, I can do:

<?php formberry_print_form(“XXXXX”); ?>

Where “XXXXX” is the form code .


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