As promised, we are rolling out the all new exciting features of Formberry!

These new features are not just cool stuff to have but actually very essential to your online business. Thanks to our existing users for providing us valuable feedback and suggestions to make FormBerry a preferred web form builder by many internet entrepreneurs and webmasters.

Let’s start with FormBerry’s PDF Printing Option – With this feature, you can now see a PDF version of submitted data on your FormBerry dashboard. What this simply means is that you can now have a non-editable copy of submitted data by your customer because it’s PDF printed. This is very important specially when you are using FormBerry’s digital signature feature to collect specimen and some legal data. In short, you’ve got added CREDIBILITY. See screen shot below:


To add more on this very important feature, you also have now an option to automatically send a copy of submitted data to the person who filled up the form as a PDF attachment. Please see the image below:


New Fields Validations – FormBerry 1.5.0+ has now fields validators for email addresses, numbers (any), numbers (integers), WordPress users & WordPress new users. All you need to do is tick the button corresponding to the field you want to validate and that’s it, no coding needed. Take a look at the screen shot below.


Form Alignments – You can now align your form on the left, right or center by just ticking a button. You know WordPress right? Aligning a table, object requires coding even using WYSIWYG editor, now you don’t have to.


Enhancement On Submitted Form Data – You can now see a simplified submitted data compared to previous one. There’s no more field names on it and it is now easier to read.


Submit Button Customization – You can now add oversize custom submit buttons with call to action like the ones used by internet marketing gurus. Plus you can also change the alignment of the button to left, right or center. See the screen shots below.


Multi-tabs Form – As opposed to multi-page format we simplified ours to tab approach. The purpose of this awesome feature is to break down the long boring form into multiple short forms. The back-end of this multi-tab option is so easy to configure plus you can easily customize the label of each tab. See the screen shots below;





Finally, we’ve implemented some behind the scene enhancement and bug fixes to adopt to the new Paypal payment updates.



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