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Exciting New Features in FormBerry Version 1.5.0+

As promised, we are rolling out the all new exciting features of Formberry! These new features are not just cool stuff to have but actually very essential to your online business. Thanks to our existing users for providing us valuable feedback and suggestions to make FormBerry a preferred web form builder by many internet entrepreneurs […]

contact form plugin installation guide

How To Install FormBerry WordPress Contact Form – Core Plugin

Here’s a step by step tutorials on how to install FormBerry Contact Form Builder main core plugin to your WordPress hosted blog. You can also read our written installation guide by following this link. Related Topics: FormBerry General Settings How To Install FormBerry Add-ons? How To Install FormBerry PayPal® Add-on

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FormBerry General Settings Video Tutorials

Here’s A Step by Step Video Tutorials For Setting up FormBerry Contact Form Plugin. When you first install FormBerry form creator then you must set this up, although most of the fields here are already pre-populated with information that you may need, however, you still need to customize it according to your preferences. Related topics: FormBerry General Settings […]

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How To Build A Web Form Using FormBerry Form Builder Plugin

Here’s A Step By Step Video Tutorial On How To Create Professional Contact Web Form Using FormBerry Form Builder Plugin For WordPress. FormBerry comes with a intuitive form builder panel where you can just drag and drop the widgets you want to the form canvas to build your form. In fact, you can build a form even without reading any […]

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How To Manage Forms On FormBerry Form Builder Plugin

Step By Step Video Tutorials On How Manage Forms Using FormBerry Contact Form Builder Plugin For WordPress. Related topics You can also read form settings here Importing & Exporting FormBerry Forms  

web form integration

Form Integration To Posts, Pages And Lightboxes Using FormBerry Form Builder Plugin

Here’s A Step by Step Video Tutorials On How To Integrate FormBerry Forms To Posts, Pages And Light Boxes Using Short Codes. With FormBerry, you can easily integrate your forms on your WordPress powered blog sites on any pages, posts, widgets, lightboxes and any part of your blog even you know nothing about programming. You […]

Importing and Exporting Form data

Importing And Exporting Forms On FormBerry WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Here’s a Step by Step Video Tutorial On How To Import And Export FormBerry Forms. This great feature of FormBerry form builder is a huge time saving, this lets you import/export existing forms created with FormBerry including the data ie. design configuration, submission data etc. from one blog site to another. You can read more […]

Manage Submissions ‹ — WordPress

How To Manage Form Submitted Data Using FormBerry Easy Form Builder

Here’s a Video Tutorials On How To Manage Form Submissions on FormBerry Forms With the FormBerry 1.5.0, we’ve implemented the PDF format of the submitted data on the form as seen below. You have now an option to send the PDF copy of submitted form to to whoever filled your FormBerry powered forms.


Coming Up For FormBerry

After the released of the major FormBerry version 1.4.1 many of our customers are asking what’s next with FormBerry. Many are already speculating that FormBerry is done. Well, we are still here but we are just very quite figuring out what’s next and at the same time taking sometime listening to our customers what they […]


How To Manage Paid Transactions On FormBerry

Managing Invoices and Subscriptions You, at any time, can manage all of the invoices that customers have generated (besides the regular form submission), and subscriptions for forms that have this transaction type configured. To see your invoices, go to the admin menu, and click on Invoices. For example, in this case a customer has entered […]